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Welcome to the Bodyline and Lovely Bubbly wholesale web site

Dear Customer

All of the products featured in this Catalogue are handmade by us, using fruit, flowers, vegetables, herbs, spices and essential oils. We use only the best, gentlest and safest ingredients, this has been our philosophy since the Bodyline brand began in 1976.

Today our products can be found in shops all over the world and our creative team has designed and produced products for most of the U.K. high street retailers.

We do not believe in using animal ingredients or animal testing, we do believe that products made in small fresh batches are far higher quality and nicer to use than anything made by Mass production methods. 
































Current Lead times


EU Sales: 

Due to delays caused by both covid border restrictions and confusion over new Customs rules, we have temporarily paused sales to the EU. For further information click the delivery tab.

Current lead times

UK2 weeks.

Pallet sized orders: 4 Weeks

Overseas: 2-4 Weeks


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